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Production estimates for Smith & Warren products are 4 to 5 weeks (excluding products requiring new dies) | Understanding S&W Finishes | All products sold Individually (per piece) unless otherwise noted
757TH Support Battalion style # D6872
D6872 - 757TH Support Battalion Distinctive Unit Insignia **Sold in Pairs

Description/Blazon A Silver color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02 cm) in height overall consisting of a shield blazoned: Per bend Azure and Argent a bend divided dovetail Buff and Gules between a halberd bendwise in base and to chief a mullet within two branches of sage of the second. Attached above a Blue scroll inscribed "BATTLE BORN" and attached below a Blue scroll inscribed "SUSTAIN FORWARD" all in Silver letters.

Symbolism The state colors for Nevada are silver, in heraldry usually shown as white, and blue. Silver signifies the five virtues of humility, beauty, purity, clarity, and innocence. It is also representative of truth, discretion, and maturity. Blue signifies constancy, loyalty, thinking, and truth. Buff and scarlet are the Support branch colors. Here they are divided by a dovetail partition line that symbolizes the Battalion's mission as a unit of the Nevada National Guard Multifunctional Logistics Battalion with that of supporting the Governor of the State or the President in times of national emergency. Buff represents the earth and lesser nobility. Scarlet signifies valiance. The halberd is an ancient weapon and symbolizes the unit's designation as a Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. The star and sage branches are taken from the state flag.

Background The distinctive unit insignia was approved effective 1 September 2011.

757TH Support Battalion style # D6872

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