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Blackinton Awareness & Unlimited Coloring Badges

Show Support With Color

Public Safety Awareness Badges are a great way for departments to show support for a cause. To support this need, Blackinton was the first to develop pink, blue, green, and purple finished awareness badges. Because demand has grown for a more advanced use of color on metal badges we have developed a proprietary Unlimited Coloring technology. It’s the first of its kind. Specifically, a technology that enables us to incorporate color on a metal badge without disrupting the detail in the metal. This unique technology led to Blackinton’s 2021 and 2022 NAUMD Innovation Awards.
Traditionally, adding color to a metal badge was limited to finishing an entire surface, or adding color within the metal walls of a badge. Previously, adding a thin blue line to a badge design would require the creation of a new die. Now, with our Unlimited Coloring technology we can add unique designs to your public safety awareness badges, economically, without the need for a new die.

Why An Awareness Badge?

>> Support Causes like Autism, Domestic Violence, Suicide Awareness, or any type of Cancer
>> Honoring Individuals such as Veterans on Veterans Day. Stoneham PD is allowing officers to wear a camouflage badge during November with a center seal depicting the military branch they served in. Non-Veterans will wear the badge with a state seal.
>> Cultural Celebration such as Juneteenth, St. Patrick’s Day, or Columbus Day
>> Memorial Bands like the thin blue line or red, orange, and pink lines or a mourning band
>> Affiliation with a group or team illustrated on the badge with logo, flag, or other identifying symbol,