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105TH Cavalry Regiment - D6874
105TH CAVALRY REGIMENT Distinctive Unit Insignia **Sold in pairs

Description/Blazon A Gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall consisting of a shield blazoned: Per pale Or and Azure three chevronels counterchanged of the field, in dexter chief a horse's head erased within an annulet Sable, a fleur-de-lis in sinister chief of the first detailed of the second, in sinister base a Philippine sun symbol of the first and a scimitar in dexter base bendwise sinister point to nombril of the third, in pale an arrow point up passing through a humet Gules. Attached below a Blue scroll inscribed "SEMPER PORRO" in Gold.

Symbolism Gold or yellow is the primary branch color for Cavalry signifying the four virtues of nobleness, goodwill, vigor and magnanimity. It represents the sun, fire, Sunday, honor, majesty, royalty, riches and wisdom. Dark blue is the primary branch color of Infantry signifying renown and beauty, the sapphire, Venus, air, Friday, calm seas, charity, cold, constancy, devotion, justice, loyalty, piety, sincerity, the sky, thinking and truth. The chevronels represent the three most recent overseas conflicts the unit served in (World War I, World War II and the Iraq War). The horse's head within the annulet is from the Light Horse Squadron, First Wisconsin Cavalry organized in Milwaukee in 1880. The fleur-de-lis signifies World War I combat operations in France. The Philippine sun represents World War II combat operations in the Pacific. The scimitar symbolizes participation in the Iraq War. The red arrow is taken from the insignia of the 32d Infantry Brigade Combat Team. Red signifies valiance and represents a ruby, fire, Saturday, blood of life, boldness, Christ, courage, hardiness, liberty, passion, patriotism, the planet Mars, sentiment, strength, valor, warmth and zeal. The shield is taken from the shield of the Wisconsin State seal. The motto translates to "Ever Forward or Always Forward."

Background The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 21 April 2011.

105TH Cavalry Regiment - D6874

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