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Production estimates for Smith & Warren products are 4 to 5 weeks (excluding products requiring new dies) | Understanding S&W Finishes | All products sold Individually (per piece) unless otherwise noted
1034TH Support Battalion style # D6665
D6665 - 1034TH Support Battalion Distinctive Unit Insignia ** Sold in pairs

Description/Blazon A stylized circular jar-shaped gold color metal and brick red enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall, consisting of a gold hawk's head with brick red details, a ship's wheel, with gold spokes and red wheel surmounted by a diagonally crossed gold key, ward pointing to the left and pointing up and a gold saber, point to the right and down, surmounted in the middle by a small shield with vertical blue, white, and red bands. Attached around the device a blue designation scroll inscribed at the bottom "SUPPORT THE WARRIOR" in gold.

Symbolism The jar-shape of the insignia alludes to the olla, a Mexican water jar and is adapted from the shoulder sleeve insignia worn by the Iowa Army National Guard. The hawk's head signifies vigilance, also, illustrating the unit's location, Iowa, the Hawkeye State. The saber denotes combat readiness combined with the key and the ship's wheel symbolizing the unit's support to the warriors, through the corps, which make up the combat service and support community. The smaller shield signifies defense, with the colors blue, white, and red and is adapted from the Iowa state flag, the unit's home state.

Background The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 10 October 2006.

1034TH Support Battalion style # D6665

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