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Q. Cancellations & Changes to Existing Orders?

A. The nature of our operation is such that changes or cancellation of orders once received are extremely time consuming and simply delay the processing of orders on-hand. Therefore, we can only allow changes or cancellations within 24 hours after receipt of orders. NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED

Q. Returns and Exchanges?

A. All products are custom made to order. Returns and/or exchanges are not accepted. All sales are final. Repairs or replacements are made only in cases of manufacturer error or defect. In cases of manufacturer’s error or defect, a return authorization will be issued in order to perform repairs, or to replace the incorrect product with a corrected replacement. Under no circumstances will monetary refunds be issued.

Q. Deliveries?

A. Most orders received in our office are processed through our order entry system usually within 24 hours. Orders found to be incomplete are set aside until missing information can be obtained. The process of producing a quality product is unavoidably time consuming. Although we carry a large inventory of stock components, they are all in the raw state and require additional work prior to assembly. Normal delivery on orders are shown below by manufacturer. However, if custom badge styles, panels, or other components are needed, the lead time unfortunately is extended. Due to our stringent quality control guidelines, a product may be rejected at any point throughout the manufacturing process. Once this occurs it may have to be remade, again causing unavoidable delays. Delays of this type are minimal however.

Q.How do I clean / care for my badge?

A. It takes very little time and effort to care for a badge. To preserve the beauty and luster of your badge just wash it occasionally with a mild soap and warm water. Then, dry with a clean, soft cloth. It is imperative, that under no circumstances, should you scrub a badge with a brush or use an abrasive polish or cleaner which will remove the protective coating of lacquer and result in a dull, tarnished badge.

Q. I want to design and create a new custom design badge, can this be achieved?

A. All custom badges include die and tool charges on top of the individual badge cost. The cost for the die and tools is dependent upon the make up of the badge, and thus we can not estimate what the cost of your badge will be. Die and tool charges can cost up to $3,000. Badges Ex Cetera will work with you on the badge design to help make your custom badge as cost effective as possible.

Q. Can I order a custom seal for a custom badge?

A. A custom designed center seal is a great way to enhance the design of your badge. Whether you want to highlight a local landmark, showcase your official city, town or department seal or promote a distinctive logo, we can create a truly unique center seal for your badge. There is a one-time setup fee for custom center seals:
1 to 9 badges - $350.00
10 to 24 badges - $250.00
25 or more badges – Free
Your seal will be kept on file and any future orders won't have a setup fee.

Q. My badge cutout isn’t in the current inventory of Perfect Fit recessed cutouts, how can I have a recessed cutout to match my badge?

A. Yes, you will need to supply a badge for us to make a die to match your badge design, this badge will be returned to you once the new die is manufactured. The will be a one – time charge of $125.00 for the new die.