Understanding Smith & Warren Finishes

Every Smith & Warren badge is built to last a lifetime, and Smith & Warren is the only manufacturer to guarantee your badge with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

Standard Finishes

Nickel Electroplate 

The most economical silver tone finish, a hard layer of nickel electroplate provides a high degree of durability without a high price, but may lose some luster with age

Rhodium Electroplate
A bright and brilliant silver tone finish that will not tarnish; a great combination of shine and durability.

Gold Electroplate
A pure 24K gold electroplated finish applied over a nickel base provide a gold finish that is tarnish-resistant, but may show some wear over time.


On the computer this may appear as a shade of grey. The actual finish is a very dark grey that is almost black. The actual badge you receive may be significantly darker than what is displayed on your screen or device.

Please also note that black enamel lettering is difficult to see on the Gunmetal/Black finish. For lettering color we recommend choosing either no enamel or a color of enamel that contrasts with black.

Pink with nickel seal

Pink with gold seal

Deluxe Finishes

Heavy silver tone electroplated layers combined with our extremely hard protective coating produce a brilliant finish that will stand the test of time.

The most durable gold finish, combining heavy electroplated layers of 24K gold with an extremely hard protective clear coat, the result is a gold finish
that outshines the competition.

Sil-Ray base with Gol-Ray panels
The best of both worlds, Sil-Ray™  base with Gol-Ray™ panels combine to form a two tone finish that is bright, durable and consistent.

Gol-Ray base with Sil-Ray panels
The best of both worlds, Gol-Ray™  base with Sil-Ray™ panels combine to form a two tone finish that is bright, durable and consistent.

Cote D’Or™
The ultimate fine gold finish, our thickest layer of 24K gold plate and our ultra durable clear coat, provides a presentation quality finish; an
excellent choice for awards, gifts and display badges.