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VH Blackinton

If a product doesn't show a price or finish it must be quoted. Contact Us | All products sold Individually (per piece) unless otherwise noted | Click here to Understand Blackinton finishes
Blackinton is currently experiencing a large spike in order volume, which is unfortunately effecting their lead times and they are adding an extra 1 to 1-1/2 weeks onto our lead times.
PLEASE NOTE: This does not effect Quick Ship Badges or J-Bars.
We apologize for the inconvenience and will let you know when Blackinton is back to their standard lead times.

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Fire Chief Five Crossed Horns on Textured Disc
This intricate cap badge for a Fire Chief is very similar to our A2811, featuring five crossed horns yet with a thinner and polished rim plus a textured background.
Diameter: 1 11/16"
Height: 0"
Length: 0"
Width: 0"
Applied Panel Badge: No
Construction: SOLID
Default Seal Size: 1/2"
Lettering Panels: 0
Maximum Seal Size: 1/2"
Minimum Seal Size: 1/2"
Notes: Plain. Can have with 1/2" seal. If not specified will be supplied without seal.
Reverse Enamel: No

Fire Chief Five Crossed Horns on Textured Disc

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